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All About U Massage, LLC (225) 448-2783

Swedish Massage

Traditional relaxation massage, great for those who are new to Massage Therapy. The therapist uses long flowing strokes to encourage relaxation, help with muscle ailments and improve circulation.

30 Minutes - $55.00

60 Minutes - $80.00

90 Minutes - $110.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Deeper pressure great for those with previous massage experience. Helps to relieve chronic problem areas such as neck, shoulder and lower back pains.

30 Minutes - $60.00

60 Minutes - $90.00

90 Minutes - $120.00

Hot Oils Swedish Massage

Traditional Swedish Massage using warm massage oil blended with an essential oil of your choice. Deep Tissue add $10.00

30 Minute - $70.00

60 Minutes - $100.00

90 Minutes - $135.00

Prenatal Massage

Great for expecting mothers! Specially designed pillows are used to ensure the most comfortable positions for the client. This massage helps with lower back pain and swelling related to pregnancy.

30 Minutes - $55.00

60 Minutes - $80.00

90 Minutes - $110.00

Hot Stone Massage

The best you can get! This massage uses warmed river basalt stones to sooth and give the ultimate relaxation

60 Minutes (upper body) - 105.00

90 Minutes (full body) - $135.00

Table Top Thai Massage

The same as a Swedish Massage while incorporating a soothing rocking motion, light acupressure, and gentle stretching to help clients relax and rejuvenate the body mind and spirit.

60 Minutes (upper body) - $105.00

90 Minutes (full body) - $135.00

2 Hours - $195.00


Uses acupressure points located in the feet and hands that corresponds to organs and glands located in the body.

30 Minutes - $60.00

60 Minutes - $90.00

Sinus Drainage

A gentle massage along the sinus cavity helps to reduce sinus congestion and pressure.

30 Minutes - $55.00

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Swedish Massage followed by using a brown sugar, blended with peppermint and lavender essential oils to ex foliate and moisturize your skin.

90 Minutes - $130.00

Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique incorporates calming, energizing and soothing essential oils with traditional neck, back and foot massage practices. Balances energy, releases toxins, and facilitates open energy flow throughout the body.

Approximately 1 Hour - $135.00

Customize Your Massage with any of the following

Must request service when appointment is made.

Hot Stone Treatment - $5.00

Aromatherapy - $5.00

Hot Towels - $5.00

Paraffin Wax treatment (hands) - $10.00